Kelona is a Version Control service for large files, binary or text based. It is primarily targeted at storing files for graphics applications, such as:

  • .obj files
  • .glsl files
  • .fbx files
  • Proprietary data formats (ie. for Blender or Maya)

Kelona does not have access to file contents, instead tracking metadata and dropping files into a large-scale datastore. The only currently supported backend is Mongo GridFS.

Kelona is a part of the AO Aesel Project, along with CLyman, Crazy Ivan, and Adrestia.


  • Storage of large-scale Assets (files), and associated metadata.
  • Storage of relationships between assets and other data elements.
  • Provide a History of updates on each Asset.

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  • Once the question is answered, it is searchable and viewable by everyone else.
  • The forum format offers an easy method to get a larger community involved with a tougher question.